responsive architectural

material system


Translated Geometries proposes an architecture of transition; between forces, (material) phases, people, spaces, and functions. By treating our architecture as a homogeneous system we give it the potential for infinite personalization based on control over specific spatial parameters. We cannot expect changes in our spaces and structures if the fundamental basis of architectural construction, the material, is still viewed as a sedentary element in our systems. A thorough understanding of smart materials and properties suitable for an adaptable architecture is therefore essential in gaining an understanding of their countless possibilities and limitations. As a material that can change phase from an external and controlled stimuli, Shape Memory Polymers (SMP) are applied to conceive a responsive architectural prototype based around the motif of a structure in constant transition. These transitions, whether they are ongoing, or frozen in a specific time or setting, define the evolving personality of the never-ending translatable geometries.


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Type: research project | smart materials & adaptive architecture


Developed at: IaaC | Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia

                         Digital Matter Intelligent Constructions studio


Date: May 2014, Barcelona, Spain


Team: Ramin Shambayati

            Ece Tankal

            Efilena Baseta