Rale City

pollution awareness


rale |räl, ral|

noun (usu. rales) Medicine

an abnormal rattling sound heard when examining unhealthy lungs with a stethoscope.


According to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, 3000 people died of air pollution related sicknesses in Tehran last year. We often forget the detrimental impacts that poor air quality has on our daily lives, which is a direct result of our own engagement with the city. Our endless exhaustion of the city and negligence towards its health damages its vitality, degrading Tehran district by district as we struggle to grasp the effects of the immediate and long-term implications of this continued deterioration. Rale City is a testimony to the fact that Tehran, like its inhabitants, is wheezing. Visitors can observe and interact with the state of air pollution across the map of Tehran according to real-time data acquired from the Air Quality of Tehran Municipality. The medical air masks, metaphors for the lungs of the streets, respirate according to the health of each of the 22 districts. Rale City seeks to raise awareness in the most candid way, as an experience that encourages viewers to rethink their footprint and its impact on the city.

Type: installation / experience design


Team: Ramin Shambayati, Mehran Davari, Irsa Khalegi