lightweight structure



The Nubular lightweight structure is an exploration into an injection-based architecture. A homogeneous building material, in this case a perforated PVC skin, is used to create tubes of custom lengths and angles, which are then filled with one’s material of choice depending on the tube’s position within the overall structure. Given that the material filling is a key parameter in the behaviour of the elements, several tests were carried out to identify the optimal fillings and member lengths to avoid buckling. Therefore, the bottommost members consist of a soil and sawdust combination while the top is composed of lighter foam balls. Each tube length is split into 3 with a maximum part length of around 800mm and allowing for 50mm flat connection gaps in between and on the ends. The implications for such architectural systems are vast, as the tube skin can accommodate for any desired material filling, dependant on one’s exact design, site, and structural needs.


Type: research project | lightweight structures


Developed at: IaaC | Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia


Date: April 2014, Barcelona, Spain


Team: Ramin Shambayati

            Robert McKaye

            Alessio Verdolino

            Kateryna Rogynska

            Tobias Grumstrup Lund Øhrstrøm