A series of geometrical moments are obtained by stretching an assemblage of arched rods. There are 3 types of 3D-printed joints: the base joint (B) fixes the structure to the board, the “plug” joint (A) slots in and twist-locks into the base joint, and the ”slider” (C) connects and moves along two adjacent rods. The geometrical moments can be created by changing the position of the plug joint in the board, or also by moving the base joint into the laser-cut holes. The chosen arrangement either expands or contracts the shape of the metamorphosing caterpillar whilst the slider deforms the body in various axes. Finally, the addition of a hinge in the board allows for the compression of the structure at an different angles. Combining 3 different strategies, the object (or parts of it) can be stretched compressed and twisted into a countless number of geometries.


Type: research project | digital fabrication, 3D printing


Developed at: IaaC | Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia


Date: November 2013, Barcelona, Spain


Team: Ramin Shambayati

            Alessio Verdolino

            Mardet Gebreyesus