tensegrity + interaction


INFOstructures introduces a new concept typology of architecture oriented towards sensorial and intimate experiences, through the audio/visual representation of energy in the immediate environment.


The construction performs three key roles with a synergetic relationship to one another:

1) Energy Enhancement: a kinetic system (tenesgrity structure) to enhance both environmental vibrations (ie. wind/rain) and direct vibrations (ie. human contact).

2) Sensing: an electronics system embedded in the same materiality of the design, to sense, at specific nodes, the amount of energy created by the kinetic movement of the structure.

3) A/V Output: An audiovisual representation of the flows of energy at all times, using the surfaces or components of a the construction as a platform for the amplification of sound (by day) and projection of lights (by night).


With INFOstructures, associated energy is translated into structures that in real-time capture, read, and display information that heightens our understanding of the intangible flows of energy that surround in tandem with the energy that is created by a direct result of our actions.


Type: construction / technology workshop


Client: EASA Malta Foundation / EASA Links


Date: August 2015, Valletta, Malta


Tutors: Ramin Shambayati, Robert McKaye


Team: Öykü Acıcan, Denisa Anda, Vilius Balčiūnas, Hugo Cifre, Artem Dodonov, Jean Ebejer, Emre Günel, Eoghan Mckendry, Suzi Mifsud, Gedailė Nausėdaitė, Sara Nuñez, Nils Pyk, Matthew Scerri, Romain Thijsen, Fekete Tünde, Linas Ūsas


Special Thanks: AP | Architecture Project, Fab Lab Valletta