ecological resonance


AmpLeaf introduces a new cycle of architectural eco-infrastructure that promotes the regeneration of local and native plant species within the Valldaura forested region. Wind vibration energy acts as a platform for a new dialogue between ecological systems and human interaction. AmpLeaf is a synthesized smart surface which is integrated into the anatomy of the forest to experiment from within, using energy directly harvested from the ecosystem and its many agents rather than energy from existing power grids. The project aims to make social impacts on the ecosystem, by using programmed looping bird sounds to attract birds and therefore other animals to gather around targeted flora and fauna native to (or marginalized from) the Valldaura region. The goal is to develop infrastructure that works in sync with existing systems, lessening the disparity between densities of biodiversity in the region and creating a richer and more competitive environment.


AmpLeaf on Adafruit blog:

Type: research project | wind energy machines


Developed at: IaaC | Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia


Date: December 2013, Barcelona, Spain


Team: Ramin Shambayati

            Robert McKaye

            Kateryna Rogynska

            Sahil Sharma