Ambient Energy



The ambient energy machine is an ongoing project which creates an umbrella over an number of integrated energy

harvesting devices which use piezoelectric generators and sensors to harness energy and energy information. The prototypes which have emerged from this research have a number of implications for creating architectural components and infrastructure with increased environmental sensitivity and interaction.


This project posits that energy generation and consumption can occur in the same device through intelligent design and environmental integration, due to advancements in micro-technologies and smart materials. Holistic product design follows the multi-functionality of materials (ie. rigid glass-fibre composite outer fins which act both as weatherproofing and the source of wind and rain-induced vibrations for harnessing mechanical energy, as well as the means by which light from a point LED light source can be spread over longer distances).


The Ambient Energy Machine opens a new dialogue for environmental energy that adds a new layer to our understanding of the physical world, and to our complex built environments, without using energy from the pre-existing grids.


Type: applied research project | energy harvesting, smart materials, product design


Developed at: IaaC | Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia

                          Open Thesis Fabrication


Date: January 2015, Barcelona, Spain


Team: Ramin Shambayati

            Robert McKaye